The easiest digital alarm clock for your PC


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E-Clock is a tool that works as a digital alarm clock on your computer screen.

Waking up with E-Click is as easy and comfortable as with any conventional alarm clock; you just need to program the time that you want to get up and the application will sound the alarm and fulfill its function: getting you out of bed.

Similarly, if you need to work on your computer and you don't want to get distracted, you can set limits for yourself so that E-Clock's alarm goes off whenever it's time to take a short break.

You can personalize several aspects of the application, including its name and the colors of the clock (blue, red, pink, or green). And so that your screen's light doesn't bother you while you're sleeping, you can set E-Clock to keep your screen black, only partially illuminating a sector when you move your mouse, so that you can always quickly find out what time it is if you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night.

If you hate waking up and sometimes make your alarm clock suffer for it, you will no longer be able to do so. Throwing your computer monitor against the wall is a little more complicated than a simple alarm clock, but at least you'll be awake.
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